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i think i was line dancing upon chinny's request

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Best dance I've seen in a long time...LMAO
2:40 a.m. July 13, 2008
put some fucking clothes on.
8:46 p.m. July 29, 2008
hahah def ...wooooooot you did it
8:49 p.m. July 13, 2008
Looked like a guy was dancing...uuugh
8:24 p.m. July 27, 2008
6:02 p.m. July 28, 2008
flat ass!!!
2:54 a.m. August 07, 2008
isn't it funny that the only person that commented on your ass... was a girl? WHATTA DYKE!!!!!!! hahahaha.
4 a.m. August 09, 2008
nice dance owwwww bady
11:29 p.m. August 23, 2008
Ahahaha, that's hilarious xD -Replays x10000000 GET IT GIRL
1:32 p.m. May 26, 2010
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