Justin.tv Pro Accounts: Frequently Asked Questions

What are Pro Accounts?

Justin.tv Pro Accounts are our way of giving you access to features that are difficult or impossible for us to provide for free. We've had a lot of requests for things like ad-free viewing of videos, and this is our way of providing these features, while still allowing you to support your favorite live-video site!

So what do I get?

The complete list of Pro Account features is always available on the purchase page

How much does a Justin.tv Pro Account cost?

Pro accounts start as low as $9.99 per month.

I think that's too expensive!

Remember that Justin.tv Pro Accounts are an optional upgrade for users who want to show their support for the site. The Pro Account price allows us to offset the cost of eliminating ads, while also giving you a better viewing experience. But if there are features that you would really like to see added in the future, please let us know. We're always happy to hear your suggestions.

Why should I pay for these features? Justin.tv is meant to be free!

We work hard to make Justin.tv the best live video site, and we're always adding new features -- for free! But the fact is that although Justin.tv is free for you to use, it's not free for us to run. Pro Accounts are our way of offering certain features that we couldn't offer otherwise, while allowing you to support the site (thanks!)

Do I have to buy a Pro Account?

No, Pro Accounts are totally optional. (But we'd love you forever if you bought one!)

Does this mean that Justin.tv is a pay site?

No, Justin.tv is a free website, and will continue to be a free website. Pro Accounts are an optional upgrade that allow you to access more content and features.

I bought a Pro Account, but it didn't work! I still see ads!

If you bought a pro account, but still see video ads, please try logging out of the site, then logging back in (this fixes 99% of problems). But if you still have trouble, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.

I bought a Pro Account, but it didn't work! People still see ads on my channel page!

Pro Accounts allow you to use Justin.tv without seeing ads. Pro Accounts do not eliminate ads from your channel for other viewers.

I bought a Pro Account, but it didn't work! I don't have my chat colors!

Seriously: log out, then log back in. We're not kidding. If that doesn't work, contact us for help.

I bought a Pro Account, but it didn't work! I don't feel like a professional!

Uh...log out, and log back in?

Additional Questions from our International Viewers:

Why can't I see video without a Pro Account?

Due to bandwidth costs in some countries, we are sometimes unable to provide access to all of the high-traffic streams on Justin.tv to all of our users at peak times. However, users who have upgraded to Pro Accounts will be allowed to view all streams, at all times. Think of Pro Accounts like rush-hour transportation: it may seem like the same train ride as at mid-day, but it's more complicated to make it work.

Does this mean that you're charging people to watch specific broadcasts?

No. We never target specific broadcasts or content. The limited access to a stream is based on site traffic, and the cost of streaming to the location from which you are viewing. It has nothing to do with the content of the video that you are trying to view. We're just making sure that we can afford to keep Justin.tv around for a long time!

Why does my location matter?

Unfortunately, it is still very expensive to stream live video to certain parts of the world. Live video requires an enormous amount of bandwidth, and some locations are more expensive for streaming than others.

Are you charging everyone from specific countries?

Absolutely not. Video access is only restricted occasionally, during peak usage, to help control our costs. Even if you are from a location that has restricted access, you will still be able to see the vast majority of content on Justin.tv. By purchasing a Pro Account you guarantee unlimited access to all content on the site, and you help support Justin.tv!

If I don't upgrade to a Pro Account, will I still be able to view other video streams?

Of course! Non-Pro users will be able to see most streams on Justin.tv. Only extremely high-traffic streams may require a Pro Account, depending on the bandwidth available in your country.

I bought a Pro Account, but I still can't see video!

Oh no! First off: we're sorry. We try to make things as perfect as we can, but sometimes there are problems. If you bought a Pro Account, but still can't see a particular channel, please try logging out of the site, then logging back in (this fixes 99% of problems). If you still have trouble, please contact purchase-support@justin.tv, and we'll do our best to help.

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