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Live video can help you motivate a crowd to tell their friends what's happening, follow you on Twitter, buy a product, donate to a cause or get up out of their chairs and take action. is built from the ground up to support any audience, whether it's 5 people or 50,000. One new live video starts each second, and users watch more than 300 million videos every month. Headquartered in San Francisco, is funded by Alsop Louie Partners, Tim Draper and Y Combinator. logos

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VentureBeat: claims “frame reinsertion” will cross the quality gap in mobile live video streaming

Riley McDermid | December 10, 2010
Live video streaming site today announced an update that includes what it has dubbed “Frame Reinsertion,” which will allow users to upload the full resolution version of a video in the background, even as the video is being broadcast live.
Forbes: The Disruptor In The Valley

Christopher Steiner | October 20, 2010
Graham sat them down and helped bang out a plan to create, now the Web's biggest portal for live video, with 31 million users a month and staked with $7.2 million of venture capital.
TechCrunch: Continues To Grow

Leena Rao | October 15, 2010
According to the company, there has been a 20% increase in total broadcasts overall (both mobile and web) since the launch of’s Android app that broadcasts live video from the mobile phone. A few weeks later, the startup added the same functionality to the iPhone, launching an iPhone app that allows you to broadcast video from the device on
CNET: Justin TV 2.0 brings live video broadcasting to iPhone (hands-on)

Jessica Dolcourt | September 16, 2010
We're pleased with the intuitive design on the video side, and had no problem using the on-screen icons to move between broadcast and viewing modes. The app also makes good use of the iPhone's front-facing camera, allowing you to switch between it and the traditional back-of-phone camera.
The New York Times: Releases iPhone Streaming App

Nick Bilton | September 16, 2010
The iPhone streaming app has a simple, one-click button to begin broadcasting, and it offers users the ability to share their broadcasts on social networking sites, including Twitter and Facebook. The streams will work over 3G or WiFi.
Mashable:’s Android App Lets You Broadcast Live Video Anytime, Anywhere

Jolie O'Dell | September 1, 2010
Imagine streaming video from your Android phone to the web at the click of a button — no Wi-Fi needed, no painful upload times, no maneuvering back and forth between a handful of apps to shoot and share your video. Today, is making all that possible.
Read Write Web: Launches Mobile Broadcasting App, Competes on Video Quality

Sarah Perez | September 1, 2010 is finally breaking into the mobile broadcasting business with today's release of its first Android application and with an iPhone version soon to follow.
GigaOm: Going Mobile With Live Streaming on Android

Ryan Lawler | September 1, 2010 is going back to its roots, with a new mobile video app that will allow new and existing users to stream live video from wherever they happen to be. The new Android app enables users to easily create and share high-quality live video streams with their friends and social networks.
NewTeeVee: What to Watch

Janko Roettgers | August 11, 2010
Cranky Geeks With John C. Dvorak; which Sesame Street character does John remind us of again? We really can’t decide… (, 1pm)
Read Write Web: Raising Money - The July Roundup

Audrey Watters | July 31, 2010
Billed as a "how-to" for prospective angels, the event featured a number of prominent investors as speakers, including Paul Graham, Ron Conway, and Mike Arrington. You can watch the archives at
MIT Technology Review: The Buzz on Angel and Seed Investing Continues

Brad Feld | July 30, 2010
Ah – well – another day passed and there was once again a ton of chatter around angel investing. A lot of it was prompted by AngelConf 2010 which you can watch recordings of on
LA Times: Hulu's sharp decline in viewership underscores inconsistency in measuring size of online audience

Dawn C. Chmielewski | July 26, 2010
Contradictory data from the competing measurement firms can make it hard to present coherent results. Take, for example, Justin.TV, a site that lets users produce and watch live streaming video. ComScore said its global audience rose to 15.6 million in June from 12 million in March.
Fast Company: Vlogger Sarah Austin Perfects the Work/Life Balance: One Seamlessly Feeds the Other

Mark Borden | July 19, 2010
I reach an average 50,000 people with one hour live on Justin.TV. I engage with comments and questions live and that makes for a truly connected experience that cannot be replicated by mainstream media.
Inc: The Way I Work: Justin Kan of

Liz Welch | July 6, 2010
Although Kan, who turns 27 this month, often wears a suit and tie to the office, the company's loft space in San Francisco sometimes resembles a college dorm. As's president and chief product officer, Kan manages 28 employees -- most of them recent college grads -- and oversees the development of new features for the website.
ITVT: Rolls Out Deeper Integration with Facebook

Tracy Swedlow | July 6, 2010 announced that it has rolled out deeper Facebook integration, in order to help users to discover their Facebook friends on its service and to enable them to share more easily on Facebook when they broadcast.
TechCrunch: Mixpanel’s Analytics Now Tracking 1 Billion Actions A Month

Jason Kincaid | July 1, 2010
Mixpanel is used more broadly (for example, uses it for their analytics).
Mashable: Watch Worldwide Social Media Day Live Streams

Vadim Lavrusik | June 30, 2010
Check out our San Francisco livestream from our Justin.TV channel at the bottom.
ClickZ: Break Media Gets in Touch With Its Feminine Side

Christopher Heine | June 23, 2010
In addition, Break Media announced four new additions to its ad network...Of them, Justin.TV and its self-reported 30 million unique visitors appears to be the most significant pick-up.
ClickZ: Public Social Experiments Abound in Cannes This Week

Zachary Rodgers | June 21, 2010
In a case of Justin.TV meets fraternity hazing, Leo Burnett recruiter David Perez has shipped off to Cannes with orders to, well, take orders.
TechCrunch: Y Combinator Gives A Crash Course On What It's Like To "Work At A Startup"

Jason Kincaid | June 17, 2010
Tonight at its headquarters in Mountain View, California, Y Combinator invited dozens of programmers to a new event called Work at a can watch an archived video of the event here [].
Read Write Web: Y Combinator Hosts a Job Fair for Startups Tomorrow

Audrey Watters | June 16, 2010
Programmers submitted their resumes in order secure an invitation, and the companies at the fair are all YC-funded. And while the event is invitation-only, it will be live-streamed by
CenterNetworks: ReadWriteWeb Real Time Summit Keynote Recap

Allen Stern | June 11, 2010
The event was setup in the barcamp style with several discussion rooms to house breakout sessions throughout the day. You can watch some of the sessions on
Portfolio: Going Upstream

Patrick Hoge | May 28, 2010
One of the keys to sparking mass adoption of live streaming at the consumer level, Seibel said, is making it possible to stream high-quality video from cell phones. Ustream has an iPhone application, but some find the video is choppy and low resolution. waited to release an iPhone application until the technology improved.
SF Chronicle: Female knuckleballer, 18, to debut Saturday in Chico

Tom FitzGerald | May 28, 2010
On Saturday night in Chico against the Tijuana Cimarrones, Eri Yoshida is scheduled to become the first female to play pro baseball in the United States since Ila Borders pitched in the Northern League in the late '90s. The 7 p.m. game will be streamed on Beats YouTube in Time Per Viewer by 2-1 Margin, Nielsen

Andy Plesser | May 18, 2010
According to a report just out from Nielsen on video views for April, visitors to, the live web video site, had an average of nearly 170 minutes watched per month per user, versus just 95 minutes for YouTube watchers.
Inc: Tim O'Reilly: In Defense of Facebook

Mac Chafkin | May 13, 2010
O'Reilly says that he sees Facebook's efforts as exploratory. "Facebook may have some things wrong here, but I'd rather have them trying to explore the space and being useful, [rather] than not trying at all," he says...The comments were made during an hour long conversation with Inc. readers--hosted by our good friends at Justin.TV.
Associated Press: Thailand censors more websites as protests persist

Grant Peck & Thanyarat Doksone | May 8, 2010
The often broad-brush approach to blocking websites even affects surfers just out for some video fun: Live streaming services also been blocked, apparently because they host transmissions by the so-called Red Shirt protesters.
TechCrunch: From The Trenches: The Problem With Live Web Video And How To Set It Free

Guest Post | May 7, 2010
Michael Seibel is the CEO of, the largest live video site on the Web. In this guest post, he addresses the challenges of live video on the Web and how to set it free (hint: it’s all about mobile).
Read Write Web: RWW Mobile Summit: Watch the Keynote Live at 8:30 AM PST

Frederic Lardinois | May 7, 2010
MacManus will talk about the key mobile trends we have been following here at RWW over the last few months, as well as his thoughts about where the mobile Web is heading next. Our friends at will provide a live stream of the keynote, which will start around 8:30am PT.
VentureBeat: claims Thai government blocked protest coverage

Paul Boutin | May 5, 2010
“We found out yesterday the the Thai government has censored for anti-government content on the site,” vice president of marketing Evan Soloman wrote in an email this morning.
TechCrunch: TechCrunch: Exclusive: Justin.TV's New Android App, iPhone App Hits 1.5M Downloads (Video)

Evelyn Rusli | April 30, 2010
"The Android offering will finally let users stream live video with a simple click and simultaneously chat as they shoot. It’s a simple interface, an image of your shot, a chat bar below and three buttons on the right hand side: chat, record and share (see video above)."
VentureBeat: How JavaScript will lead the way to open video

Guest Post | April 30, 2010
While HTML5 is technically exciting, we only care about what our users actually experience, and today we do not see much user benefit to HTML5 video in desktop browsers.
Read Write Web: Millions of People Now Get Live Streaming Video Sent to Their Phones

Marshall Kirkpatrick | April 27, 2010 is definitely getting traction.
PE Hub: Mint’s Founder on Blippy: I Don’t Get It

Connie Loizos | April 26, 2010
If you have time, you can watch a live feed of the show, courtesy of Justin.TV.
Seattle Times: You thought "Inside the Clubhouse" was fun? Wait until you get a load of "Outside the Clubhouse"

Geoff Baker | April 22, 2010
Should be a fun evening, so let's get started. We also have a live feed going out on Justin TV and will be taking your questions via Twitter.
AllThingsD: What Shall BoomTown Ask the Twits–Oops, I Mean Twitter-Loving VCs–at Chirp Today?

Kara Swisher | April 14, 2010
For those not there, Twitter will be streaming the event live with the help of
TechCrunch: Twitter Chirp: Our Full Coverage And Live Stream

Jason Kincaid | April 14, 2010
And through all of it, there’s bound to be plenty of announcements. I’ll be taking live notes and covering breaking news throughout the day (we’ll include links to each new post below).
SF Examiner: Chirp - The Official Twitter Developer Conference

Ryan Taft | April 14, 2010
The folks at Twitter only made 800 tickets available for Chirp, so for those of us who aren't able to attend Chirp live in San Francisco, Twitter is streaming Chirp live through
Read Write Web: Twitter's Chirp Will Be Streamed Live Online

Marshall Kirkpatrick | April 13, 2010
Twitter's big developer conference, begins tomorrow in San Francisco but if you can't make it, you can still see all the big announcements, hot debates and whatever else might happen streaming live on the web thanks to
GigaOm: It's Twitter vs. Facebook in the Developer Conference Showdown

Liz Gannes | April 13, 2010
Both events are sold out, but will be available through live video streams. Twitter is using and the stream will be available here.
Business Insider: How To Watch Chirp, Twitter's Developer Conference, Live Online

Nick Saint | April 13, 2010
If you aren't in San Francisco, or couldn't get a ($469!) ticket, never fear: is broadcasting the whole thing for free.
Gizmodo: This Week’s Best iPhone Apps

John Herrman | April 10, 2010
Lets you watch any stream on your iPhone, over 3G, with push notifications to tell you when a favourite channel goes live.
NewTeeVee: What Time Should You Start Your Live-Streamed Broadcast?

Liz Shannon Miller | April 8, 2010
Viewing peaks from noon-3 PM PST, broadcasting peaks from from 3 PM-5 PM PST, and chatting peaks from 5 PM-9 PM PST.
Huffington Post: The Business of Music II - A Look at the Artist-as-Entrepreneur

Mike Ragogna | April 6, 2010
For example, we use to stream live video, and Indaba music to collaborate though cyber space.
Wall Street Journal: Hello World, From My New iPad

Geoffrey A. Fowler | April 3, 2010
Over at, 25-year old Naples Florida resident Dennis broadcasted live from the Apple Store, where he said he was third in line, and then broadcast his first experiences playing with the gadget.
Mashable: for iPhone Racks Up 355,000 Downloads in First Week

Adam Ostrow | March 31, 2010
Fans of are rushing to pick up the iPhone version and propelling it towards the top of the rankings. says that 25% of signups in the past week have come via iPhone.
AdAge: Jose Cuervo Bets on 'Cuervo Games' for Sales Boost

Jeremy Mullman | March 29, 2010
Diageo's Jose Cuervo brand is betting that the oh-so-trendy fields of experiential and social-media marketing can directly boost the oldest metric of all: sales.
TechCrunch: Some iPhone Video Apps Won’t Be Approved Unless They Can Adapt To AT&T’s Lousy Network

Erick Schonfeld | March 26, 2010
During the approval process, was asked to incorporate both high-quality (200 kbps) and low-quality (64 kbps) streams. The video switches to a low-quality when the 3G network is overloaded or only the slower EDGE network is available.
SF Examiner: app for iPhone released

Adam Mills | March 24, 2010
For those of you who love to watch streaming shows, another alternative has arrived on the iPhone and yes before you get all flustered, San Francisco, it streams over both 3G and Wi-Fi, so relax, settle down and lay off the morning coffee. Launches iPhone Application with Chat on All Streams

Andy Plesser | March 23, 2010, the big live webcasting service, has launched an iPhone application, allowing viewers to watch, share and interact with all the thousands of live streaming channels on the site.
TechCrunch: Better Late Than Never. Comes To The iPhone.

Erick Schonfeld | March 22, 2010
All the live videos and channels available on the Website can be watched in the iPhone app.
NewTeeVee: Joins the iPhone Crowd — At Long Last

Ryan Lawler | March 22, 2010
One of the most important features of is communicating with other users, and the app has a chat feature that appears in the bottom right-hand corner of the video screen, allowing viewers to know when new messages appear.
VentureBeat: unveils non-broadcasting iPhone application

Cody Barbierri | March 22, 2010
Popular live video streaming site today unveiled its much-anticipated new iPhone application, which is available in the app store now.
CNET: March 22, 2010 9:00 PM PDT's live video comes to the iPhone

Josh Lowehsohn | March 22, 2010
A future update will bring live video broadcasting from the iPhone itself, as well as push notifications for upcoming programming.
High Scalability:'s Live Video Broadcasting Architecture

Todd Hoff | March 16, 2010
Anyone building a system can learn something from how they run their business.
TechCrunch: Justin.TV Turns To Law Professor Eric Goldman As It Battles Live Video Piracy

Erick Schonfeld | March 15, 2010
Justin.TV can give copyright holders the tools to remove content from the site
NewTeeVee: Where to Watch SXSW Online

Janko Roettgers | March 12, 2010
Levis’ Fader Fort will get it’s party on every day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST. The event is “one of the hottest unofficial parties every year,” according to
Idolator: Kimberly Caldwell Makes A Pretty “Mess” On ‘Ellen’

Robbie Daw | March 11, 2010
In addition to lording over the creation of her own Justin TV channel (where she’ll be appearing live tomorrow at 11 a.m., and promises, “I’ll answer anything!”), the blonde AI Season 2 bombshell tweeted that today alone she’s planning stops at the Los Angeles Times office, MTV and VH1 while on the promo trail.
Switched: Joe Biden to Use to Stream to the White House From Abroad

Amar Toor | March 10, 2010
Since its inception, though, has expanded beyond lifecasting, and has now become a bona fide hosting platform, with millions of daily viewers and users. It just so happens that the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv.
Techdirt: White House Can't Stream Biden's Speech; So Uses Instead

Mike Masnick | March 9, 2010
However, without the official White House television crew, they didn't think they'd be able to stream the speech live on the web -- until they decided to just use, one of a few excellent online services that make it drop dead simple to stream live video online.
NewTeeVee: Vice-President Biden to Use Justin.TV for Israel Speech

Liz Shannon Miller | March 9, 2010
When the former senator visits Tel Aviv University to address the Israeli public about American commitment to the security of Israel, he won’t be doing so on the official White House site — he’ll be talking live on
The Hill: White House relies on to stream Biden's speech

Christina Wilkie | March 8, 2010
The White House told ITK that it can be difficult to stream video onto the website from a non-White House camera feed, especially from the Middle East, so is filling in. The speech will be posted on the White House website.
Washington Post: Start Your Own Internet Radio Station for Free

Patrick Miller | March 4, 2010 even supports Youtube playlists, so your listeners can stay on after you sign off.
MediaPost: Audi Leverages Brand By Driving Webisodes

David Goetzl | February 15, 2010
Audi is running a series of Webisodes during the Olympics looking to continue leveraging its sponsorship of the U.S. Ski Team. The social media-oriented push involves distributing the shorts via Facebook and
Universal Sports: Go, Team USA!

Resi Stiegler | February 14, 2010
It's great just get on everyday and check us out at I hope you like it and let us know what you think!
NewTeeVee: Where to Watch the 2010 Winter Olympics Online

Janko Roettgers | February 12, 2010 is having a daily live broadcast with TJ Lanning and Resi Stiegler, two members of the US Ski team that aren’t able to compete due to injuries. The duo will broadcast live for 15 minutes from Whistler Mountain, where all the alpine skiing events are going to be held.
Mashable: Man to Be Locked in Box and Live Streamed to World

Brenna Ehrlich | February 10, 2010
This is undoubtedly a cool way to raise money and generate buzz for a live stream, but you do have to wonder how Shaw is going to hack it.
CNET: Man locks self in box for fame

Chris Matyszczyk | February 10, 2010
His Man in a Box escapade is, quite naturally, being screened live on So you can watch in real time as Shaw attempts to live with himself, a camera, and one light, which is turned off for 12 hours a day.
VentureBeat: makes it easier to create and share live video

Cody Barbierri | January 26, 2010
The simplified UI has boosted the number of users who are not only clicking the ”broadcast” button, but actually continuing on to create live video. In a two-week period, has seen a 700 percent increase.
CNET: makes it easier to start streaming

Josh Lowensohn | January 26, 2010
Now, when a user clicks the large, red broadcast button on the front door of, the site takes them to a page that requires just a few settings to get going--many of which can now be skipped. That quick transition means more streams, and a bigger potential to turn first-time users into frequent live streamers. Has New UI and We Have Demo

Andy Plesser | January 26, 2010 has changed its user interface which it hopes will be easier for users to users. We have a little video demo created by Justin's Evan Solomon.
Business Insider: Welcome To Justin.TV's Treehouse Office In The Middle Of San Francisco

Nicholas Carlson | January 22, 2010
We stopped by live-streaming startup's San Francisco offices this week. The office is very, very cool.
Building 43: Videos Inside live video service [video]

Robert Scoble | January 12, 2010
Really easy and really flexible are firm development guides at
IT World: 10 Sites and Services That Will Matter in 2010

Mark Sullivan | January 4, 2010
At you can find live video streams of all kinds, each being captured in real time by a member with a video camera.
New York Times: Watching TV Together, Miles Apart

Ashlee Vance | January 3, 2010
Viewers on the Justin site swap more than 100 million messages a month while watching video. In October alone, viewers watched 50 million hours of video.
TechCrunch: Unifies Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, And Their Own Chat

MG Siegler | December 21, 2009
Another big benefit to this is that it means you can now chat on without having to have a account.
NewTeeVee: Fingerprinting Goes Live This Week

Ryan Lawler | November 11, 2009 had already been using Vobile to filter out videos that had been saved to the site, but extending that capability to live content is likely to further appease copyright holders.
GigaOm: Announcing the NewTeeVee Video Rights Roundtable

Staff | November 2, 2009
In Round Two, Liz Gannes brought Michael Seibel, CEO of Justin.TV, and Yangbin Wang, from Vobile, up to discuss rights issues specific to real-time/live-streaming video content (subscription required). The two companies are partnering to automate unauthorized content detection and takedown.
AdWeek: Marketers Get Real

Brian Morrissey | November 2, 2009
Crispin, in fact, has just launched its own weekly show on live Web site "Fearless Q+A" features Bogusky and another Crispin exec answering questions submitted via Twitter.
Read Write Web: Peerset Says Forget Demographics, Advertise By Interest

Dana Oshiro | October 13, 2009
With dating sites, users receive recommendations on potential mates; with Peerset, users receive advertisements and deals on relevant products and services. Video life-streaming network is just one of the groups already reaping the benefits of this system.
paidContent: Industry Moves Round Up: Yahoo; iVillage;; Bravo; Atari;;

Alex Ferreyra | October 9, 2009
Yahoo alum David Aufhauser is the new CBO for He comes from Bebo, where he was the VP, Business Development / Social Media.
Yahoo! Tech:'s gaming channel puts players front and center

Christopher Null | October 2, 2009
Sure, you can check out reviews, screen shots, and even vendor-provided gameplay videos on any number of video game review websites, but lets viewers see real gameplay unedited and uncensored, just as the player experiences it.
Read Write Web: Justin.TV's Sub-Sites Are a Surefire Profit Generator

Dana Oshiro | October 1, 2009
Justin.TV is likely to see even more advertiser interest. Video production often requires much more time than the average wiki contribution, and viral video makers are perhaps some of the most sought after customers due to their far-reaching networks. If corporations can get to a sub-site's influencers and gain favorable reviews, then the outreach could generate huge sales growth.
Inc: 30 Under 30 - Profile

Mac Chafkin | September 30, 2009
That translates to a staggering 50 million hours of video shown per month. "It's a far cry from when it was just Justin," says Seibel, the company's CEO. "We have the most used live video system in existence."
The New York Times: Share the Moment and Spread the Wealth

Brad Stone | September 26, 2009
Justin.TV, a live video site that uses the Meebo sharing tools, reports that its visitors now share its links about 6,000 times a day, up from 2,600 when sharing was not as simple. Traffic to Justin.TV has jumped 68 percent since it started using the Meebo tool 10 weeks ago.
Gizmodo: Mad Scientist Chef Grant Achatz Anti-Griddlin' at Alinea

Mark Wilson | August 31, 2009
Thanks to Logitech, MonoPrice and of course for helping make this broadcast possible.
BBC News: Microsoft backs long life for IE6

Maggie Shiels | August 13, 2009 says its amazed at how the anti IE6 campaign has taken off.
Softpedia: deploys better anti-piracy tools

Lucian Parfeni | August 13, 2009
Justin.TV, the up-and-coming live video streaming site, is hoping to nip the problem in the bud by partnering with content filtering firm Vobile.
Web Pro News: Steps Up Copyright Protection Efforts

Chris Crum | August 12, 2009
The new filtering is an extension of a deal signed wit Fox to increase copyright protection for live video. The site already provides a takedown tool that lets copyright owners login to an admin interface and kill channels in real time.
The Inquisitr: gets serious on copyright, signs deal with Fox

Duncan Riley | August 12, 2009
The bigger challenge is live video, with users uploading 24.3 hours of live video per minute every day. From November, in partnership with Fox and Net Result, will expand the fingerprinting system to all live video.
New Tee Vee: Placates Copyright Holders With Anti-Piracy Tech

Chris Albrecht | August 12, 2009
By being more pro-active, was able to sign a deal with FOX that says, in effect, that “since is being so good about policing its site, we aren’t going to bust its chops over copyright.”
CNN: Web Citizens trying to kill Internet Explorer 6

John D. Sutter | August 6, 2009, which lets people stream video live online, is among the sites trying to strike a balance. The company is backing an anti-IE 6 Web site, but Evan Solomon, the site's vice-president for marketing, said the best thing that will come out of this discussion is that more people will become aware that there are alternatives in Web browsers.

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