New Homepage - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of answers to questions we have received about our new logged in homepage

What is new about the homepage?

The new homepage is personalized for you as a logged in user. Now, when you visit you will see a personalized feed of videos from the people you follow, a quick way to broadcast and share, and easy access to the people you follow and follow you.

Where is the web broadcaster?

Broadcasting has been moved to the homepage. The buttons in the header and from the logged out front page will direct you to the broadcaster automatically..

Why is my feed empty?

You are either a) not following anyone or b) the people you follow are not live or have no past broadcasts or highlights. When you follow people with video your feed will start populating with video..

Someone I follow is live now, why don't I see them?

We have built some magic into the feed that works to make the feed as useful and relevant as possible. If you follow more than a handful of very active broadcasters your feed would easily become overwhelmed with their video and you might miss the video from your favorite weekly broadcast. Therefore we do not just show all live video and then the most recent video. We tried that and it did not produce a useful feed.

How do I add more people to my feed?

To see anyone's videos in your feed, just follow them. You can do that on their username page, for instance Just click the "Follow" button and you'll begin seeing their videos in your feed.

What are Suggested Users?

We have many remarkable users on the site who create interesting, unique, engaging video who we want more people to know about. We have created a new way to feature these users and make it easy for you to follow them and watch their awesome videos.

Why is /home gone?

We wanted to take what was awesome about our /home page, add even more goodness to it, and then expose it to all logged in users. Think of the new homepage as /home version 2.0. Now that your logged in homepage has so much awesome functionality there wasn't much reason to have another page on the site that is duplicative, so we removed it. All links to /home automatically redirect to

The person I followed isn't showing up in my /following list? Why?

To make the site fast for our millions of users we sometimes have to save slightly old versions of pages for a minute or two. This means that sometimes your list of followers can get a minute or two behind. All of your lists will display correctly within minutes..