Whether it's a flame war, bullying, or people being just plain mean, online harassment and bullying can take on a lot of different forms, from the mildly annoying to the type of harassment that poses very serious safety issues. Knowing the difference between the two and responding appropriately is the key to staying safe and getting back to enjoying yourself on Justin.tv.

Not everyone online is nice. Anonymity can lead to rough comments and people can easily hide behind text to write cruel or insulting things. It is important to remember that people like this are looking for attention. Depriving them of that attention has the highest probability of being harassed. Block them, delete their comments and avoid replying back to their hurtful comments. We have many

Helpful Hints

Being a victim of bullying can be a common and painful experience. Here are some tips for preventing bullying from the National Crime Prevention Council.

Some important things to remember about some one who is a bully:

  • They pretend they are other people online to trick others
  • Spread lies and rumors
  • Trick people into revealing personal information
  • Post mean bulletins and comments

Here are some ways you can help prevent bullying here on Justin.tv

  • Refuse pass along bullying channels and bulletins
  • Tell friends to stop bullying
  • Two wrongs don't make a right, avoiding getting involved in online flamewars
  • Block communication with bullies by typing /ignore "Bully's username" in chat, clicking the "block" link by any messages by them in your inbox or by only allowing your friends to send you messages by Blocking messages from all non-friends.

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