Community Guidelines is an inclusive community gathered around the enjoyment of live video for everyone. However, each channel is its own micro-community and sets the standard for what is acceptable there. Jokes, language and comments that some might find harmless might be offensive to others. Viewers and broadcasters alike don't want the staff of to set and police the standards of speech on individual channels, and so it is up to the broadcaster and his or her community of moderators and viewers to decide what is ok for their channel.

Channel Guidelines

Certain behaviors and actions have been deemed unacceptable and will be addressed by when identified. These include:

In the event that any of these actions are observed, please use the reporting button on the channel page to let us know. Abusing this feature is also a violation of the Community Guidelines, so don't do it.

Content Inappropriate for some Audiences

Not all content is appropriate for all viewers. For example:

If your broadcast may contain content that is inappropriate for younger audiences, please indicate that your channel is mature in the profile tab in Edit Settings.

Chat Guidelines

Viewers who come to a channel should realize that kicking and banning from a channel is entirely up to the discretion of the broadcaster and his or her moderators. In general, broadcasters in the community have demonstrated they will ban users from their channels for:

Broadcasters who observe unwanted behavior in their channels should make use of the kicking and banning moderation tools built in to In the cases where persistant unwanted behavior continues to occur, please let us know so that we can improve our moderation tools.

Keeping Live Video Safe for Everyone

Live video is a lot of fun and an exciting new medium, but it's very important to remember that it's also impossible to take back something once it's been broadcasted--while you can delete any saved copies from, many people may have already seen it or recorded it themselves. In order to make broadcasting on a safe and fun experience, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

Avoid broadcasting personal or identifying information. For example, don't say your social security number aloud on live video--someone could use it to steal your identity! Other good information to keep private: your phone number, your address and location, any license plate numbers or other identifying info, and your personal email address or screen name. Remember that by broadcasting on you might become very popular, and if you give out your contact information many people might attempt to contact you whether you want them to or not!

Personal Information to avoid sharing includes:

If anyone manages to get ahold of your personal info and uses it to harass you, the best way to proceed is to ignore them. It may be difficult but they are likely seeking attention. If you deny them that they have no further impetus to continue.

Make sure your users know that they should also ignore anyone acting up. There is an ignore feature in our chat rooms if someone gets out of hand.

Don't harass other broadcasters or viewers. If you are being harassed or threatened, please report this to us at We take complaints very seriously. This goes both ways: please don't harass or threaten other broadcasters. If a broadcaster is complaining about your behavior towards them, it's best to probably stop talking with or about them and go your separate ways, even if you don't think what you are doing is offensive. After all, life's too short to spend fighting!

Be old enough. You must be at least thirteen to use our site under our Terms of Service. Please respect this rule.

You, the viewers and broadcasters, are empowered to make a great place to watch exciting live video for everyone. Please take this trust and respect from us seriously, and broadcast safely.

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning this Community Guide - please email