Chat Guide

Once you have created an account you can access any chat room on this website. If you already have an account, simply log in to start chatting. We have included many features in our chat client:

User List: You can see all of the other chatters in the room by clicking on the blue "Users List" bar. Clicking on any username in this window will reveal buttons for interacting with that person in chat. The "Users List" shows the different types of users:

Ignore: Once you have chosen a user from the list, click "Ignore" to never read other word from that person. If you made a mistake, clicking their name again will reveal an "Unignore" button (you will be able to find their nickname in the user list mentioned above).

Room List:f a chat room is full, you can join the other rooms for that channel by clicking the "Rooms" menu at the top of the chat.

Slow Mode: (This feature is for the channel owner and moderators only) Turning on slow mode means that only users with Voice or Moderators are able to speak at a normal rate. Other users will only be able to send messages once every minute or two. Turn on this mode if you are being spammed or if messages are going too fast. If you are a moderator, you can enable or disable this mode by opening the "Moderate" menu and choosing "Slow On" or "Slow Off." To voice a user, click on their username and press "Voice" or "Unvoice" (For users in IRC, Slow Mode can be activated with /mode #roomname +m and deactivated with /mode #roomname -m)

Adding Moderators: To add a moderator to your chat room capable of banning and giving timeouts to users, simply click the user's name in chat, and click the blue "Mod" button. Alternatively you can type "/mod username" and press "Send" in your chat.

If you are interested in becoming a mod in one of your favorite channels, we recommend you request the channel owner add you as a Mod after you've spent some time in their room and they've gotten to know you a bit. We have more features lined up and we are always open to your suggestions!

Chat Guidelines

Chat rooms are moderated to provide a clean chatting environment. Currently our chat rooms are moderated by volunteer fans taking their own time to regulate, but really, self-moderation is the responsibility of everyone. In the future we will have a more standardized system for moderating chat.

Inappropriate chat behavior includes all forms of spam, excessive profanity (any profanity in moderated chat), and any derogatory or racial comment or activity. Depending on the severity of the violation, moderators have the discretion to either kick you from the room temporarily or ban you from chat all together.

Chat Emoticons

Type the following key commands for some fun emotions in chat!

Cool Cool B)
Angry Angry >(
Horny Horny <3
Skeptical Skeptical :/
Wink Wink ;)
Happy Happy :)
Sad Sad :(
Excited Excited :O
Bored Bored :Z
Drunk Drunk o_O
Raspberry Raspberry :P
Pirate Pirate R)

If you have trouble with this guide or suggestions for chat, please email Kyle or Info and we'll try to help you out!

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