There are a few badges around the site that you can earn! Some of them have been earned through contests, others happen when you meet different milestones and there are special badges that are given to users or channels that stand out.

Milestone Badges

Your channel has 250+ Fans

Your channel has 100,000+ Views

You've gone through the 8 steps to complete your channel such as: adding a header, created a playlist and included your twitter/myspace pages

You've gone through the 3 steps to complete your profile such as: Choosing a picture, importing contacts and made a profile header

You've had one published Headline story

You've had five published Headline stories

You've had ten published Headline stories

Contest Badges

1st Place Winner of the Scavenger Hunt

1st Ten winners of the Scavenger Hunt

Participated and completed the Scavenger Hunt

You made a clip that was featured on the front page

Special Badges

You've done something above and beyond to help the Community

Your channel has been selected by the Staff as a great channel.

You've been nominated by multiple members of the community as an outstanding moderator.