Introducing the API

We believe that the future of video is live. Our API enables you to use's infrastructure, for free, to easily power live video in your own applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the API?

To put it simply, it opens up the network and allows you to use our infrastructure to build live video components in your own applications. And it's completely free.

What can I do with it?
  • Put live video into your own applications. You can load live video into your own websites or Flash applications. The simplest approach is to place our embedded live player on your own site. If you want to skin the player with your controls and look-and-feel, you can load our live video component into your own player.
  • Allow your users to broadcast live video. You can put a live video broadcaster on your own site that will allow your users to broadcast to any channel you have OAuth authenticated or that you have created. Your users can also broadcast in higher quality by with a variety of free, downloadable programs like Flash Media Live Encoder, Quicktime Broadcaster, and more. We also allow developers to send RTMP streams directly to us from their own programs, and have integrated with Wirecast, Vidblaster, and others.
  • Put the live chat on your site. Our chat can be embedded on your own site so that your users can have a complete video and chat experience identical to Chat includes Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and chat, and can be used to push messages out to those social networks.
  • Who can use it?

    Everyone. That’s why we’re releasing this API so that anyone can customize to work exactly the way they want it to.

    What makes it different from other API's?

    Other live video services have API's, but none of them let you integrate live video into your own flash application. Have you ever seen a player with rounded corners? Nope, because you've never had direct access to the video feed. Now you do.

    We provide access to our Web broadcaster as well. Create a web conference calling application where each person gets to have both video and audio. What makes this API different from others is that anyone can customize the live player and broadcaster to their individual needs. Also, you don’t have to be on the host site to use our broadcaster and live player. In fact, users of your app never need to interact with the site at all

    Getting started

    Many things can be done with the API by just making HTTP calls to the REST API. For example, you can get a list of currently featured live streams by just requesting

    In order to get started writing more advanced applications, you will need a developer account to get access to higher rate limits, OAuth authentication, and more. To create your free developer account:

  • Sign up for a user account on
  • Sign in to your newly created account on
  • Go to to turn your account into a developer account
  • Go to to set up your application
  • Choose a descriptive Application Name. Your Namespace should be a unique identifier containing only letters, numbers and underscores. Application URL should point at your applications website, and Callback URL should point at the where you want to send users after they authenticate your app to make requests on their behalf to If you don't know where these two URLs should point, or don't want to make requests on users' behalf right now, you can just skip them.

    If you navigate away from the application creation screen and need to find your API Key, just go to and click on your app's name.

    API Resources


    Example Applications

    More information on applications can be found in the application gallery.


    HighlightCam is a webcam video service that automatically finds the best parts of your videos. HighlightCam uses the API to make highlights of the Animals directory.


    Camtweet is an open source, Ruby on Rails application that allows you to broadcast and chat on Twitter. Think Twitpic, but instead of pictures, it's live video and chat.


    Slumbervision is a simple application to turn your webcam into a baby monitor. Setup the video feed with a password protected channel, and remotely monitor your baby with activity alerts. Created during our internal Hack Day by Bill.

    Mac OSX Dashboard Widget

    Let's you watch feeds from OS X, right next to your calculator, calendar, and weather widgets. Allows you to select among your favorites, as well as participate in chat. Created by Kevin B during our internal Hack Day.

    Terms of Service

    Use of our API is subject to's website and API Terms of Service.