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Controversy Over ‘Bump+’

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Description: The production company Yellow Line Studio launched its drama series about crisis pregnancies on Jan. 22, the 37th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. The fictional series, which is available for viewing exclusively on the Internet, tells the stories of three women caught in crisis pregnancies. The executive producer, Dominic Iocco, came up with the idea early last year. Iocco wanted to use the Internet to get people on both sides of the abortion issue talking. “The goal was to start a conversation about a topic that, prior to now, has been polarizing, with people on either side shouting at one another,” said Maggie Mahrt, co-director of the series and an actress in it. But discussion about “Bump+” in pro-life circles has not been so simple. Tim Drake has written on it for National Catholic Register and is here to look at it.

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